Stay Young.



Last night in NY, Alexander Wang x H&M transformed the Armory from an indoor track & field stadium in to a fashion arena for the global launch of their performance-wear inspired collection. The spectacularly cool show, which can be seen above complete with behind the scenes footage, also included a surprise performance from Missy Elliott.

so very cool mr wang

It’s not what people do to you, but what they mean, that hurts.
 E.M. Forster, The Longest Journey (via teenager90s)


"I’m full, do you want my dessert"


I hope you look for me in everyone you meet.
Because I Look For You (#206: February 27, 2014)



Body comparisons. 

this makes me feel alive

Move forward
and repeat after me with your heart:

‘I no longer need you to fuck me as hard as I hated myself.’

Make love to me
like you know I am better
than the worst thing I ever did.

Buddy Wakefield, “We Were Emergencies” (via feellng)